About Us

Tools, software and systems don’t make deals, think differently, create opportunities or make leaps of faith – people do.

Founded by Steve Gorton and Bob Turvey, Enabling Development Ltd (EDL) was established in 1998 and, together with our team, we bring a wealth of benefits, insight, practical expertise and unquestionable return on investment through developing the ‘life blood’ of businesses – that’s you and everyone who works with you.

Delivering the kind of goals you may have thought out of reach, acknowledged leaders in the design, development and provision of corporate executive coaching, organisational change management, strategic consulting and executive team building programmes, we have first hand experience of how to boost performance at personal, corporate, divisional directorate and business unit level.

A partnership of equals, with you we’ll link your business and corporate level development strategy to your functional operation and that of your key individuals and teams; making an appreciable gain for your bottom line. And that’s important. We believe our work with you should and will be self financing at the very least.

With us you can expect highly focussed expertise and bespoke programmes to develop and support you in increasingly pressurised markets, including the fast moving knowledge economy and e-business sector.

We want you to take responsibility and control by:

  • maximising your potential
  • developing your skills
  • improving your performance
  • and, importantly, becoming the person you want to be

Ultimately, we’re here to enable you to become even more flexible, to deliver worthwhile and meaningful benefits for yourself, your team and wider organisation.

Otherwise why bother?

" The only professional space for me"

Useful Documents

Enabling Development Philosophy

Some questions to help you determine the commercial impact and specific outcomes you want from any of our processes.

Enabling Development Philosophy