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Marketing and Sales

"Like a daffodil bulb, lying dormant in the winter. When the conditions are right with temperature, sunlight and moisture, it sprouts. The unfolding pattern is stem, then leaves, and finally flowers. The pattern is not planting and instantly flowering. But organizations that appreciate the time and capacities its takes to grow a strong stem reap the flowers year in year out. The growing of the stem is not a non-productive time, far from it in the longer term. This is reflects my coaching experience with Enabling Development."
Brand Director - Retail
"Project proposals now more effectively communicated, more likely to be approved and better image of the department within the Company."
Head of Communications - Utility


"This approach gave us just the right questions to ask about how we really take the business forward rather than do more of the same."
CEO - FTSE Packaging
"The confidential opportunity to stand back and take a longer term strategic approach as well as deal with the shorter term fire fighting which goes with the territory. As such raise the game for myself and the force."
Chief Constable - UK
"Following a promotion to acting Managing Director, it was agreed as part of my professional development, that I would undergo a programme of executive coaching. This was supplied by Enabling Development and commenced in April 2002. I am using the results of this activity in all aspects of my life. It was a life-changing experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend it for all executives at some point during their career. I am now Managing Director and looking forward!"
MD Aerospace
"The probing questions and strategic approach means that not only have I personally benefited from coaching the wider business which we used as the context is now much more professional, respected and our new initiatives are going well. Importantly my boss is extremely pleased with our business progress."
MD Automotive Retail


"The main outcome was to break out of my mindset and operate more strategically. This has now happened and in a way I did not expect. By making the change and coming out of 'Ivory Tower' as an established Divisional Commander, we now have a more cohesive team, one of the most cost effective units in the country and, on a personal basis, I am far more relaxed. One of the by-products is that I am now asked to do more on the national scene at ACPO level to enhance how we address various issues. My next outcome is to spend more time in Force!"
Chief Superintendent - Police
"I believe that fundamental to the process is the development of behavioural traits which, based on our sessions, I have adopted and use as part of life - although I am still refining and suspect I always will. If I didn't know already I am particularly strong in the analytical area but needed to develop my people skills towards inspirational leadership."
Manufacturing Director - PLC

Change Agents

"If we had stopped after two sessions I would be happy because I have gained more than expected. When the Chief asked me to run the 'Force Change Strategy' I gave up my operational role. This meant I was operating in a fog of uncertainty for almost a year. One of my outcomes was to get to grips with running the project and gain confidence. What I now realise is that I have been selected to make this happen for the benefit of the Force and it is up to me to make it happen. As a result I am providing leadership to the change team, standing my corner with colleagues of all ranks with the result that we are making much faster progress and relationships are far more effective."
Chief Superintendent, Police
"The 'bridge built' concept enforced the value of long term planning and vision. Again this concept provided focus and brought context to daily tasks. When extended from work related goals the concept became even more meaningful and supported the balanced lifestyle approach. This in turn leads to greater workplace effectiveness. e.g. in addition to work related goals include goals in the areas of personal development, health, creativity and relationship building."
Director, Change Management


"Thanks a million for a wonderful journey that has provided the basis for a very positive future. I will always remember our sessions and the impact you have had on my life both inside and outside of work."
Director, IT
"Has reminded me of the importance of taking responsibility for my own personal and professional development. The trust and confidence between the coach and client are particularly key, allowing me to create a personal development programme in a safe environment."
Senior manager - IT Ireland

Board Member / Top Team

"I believe our seven sessions could prove to be one of the top ten highlights of my life, not so much for the occasions themselves enjoyable though they were, but more for the impact they will have on the rest of my life. I feel more confident, relaxed and at ease with myself and those around me. I feel very positively in charge of my life yet ready and more flexible to deal with the unexpected. I found your general manner very friendly, relaxing and supportive whilst at the same time not allowing me to fob you off with 'soft' answers. I was always surprised how quickly the time went and would happily have stayed longer."
Director, UK Defence organisation
"Most useful single framework is the weekly score sheet. Creates balance and good as makes explicit what's going on. Having filled in the figures for a while it becomes second nature. Categories are now scanned routinely and adjustments made as required to ensure I am more balanced."
General Manager
"Your overall approach and enthusiasm to help me think in a holistic way means I consider the big picture routinely. It has made a tremendous difference in the way I operate with my team, colleagues and external customers. The fact is that we are more focused, aligned in our business and importantly achieving what we want in the marketplace more effectively."
Sales Director - FMCG


"One of the most powerful features was the flexibility. We covered a lot of useful ground without it feeling like a grind through a series of standard sessions. A particular benefit has been getting a better work/life balance AND my feeling comfortable spending more time in the latter and less in the former. I no longer feel guilty about taking annual leave nor compelled to ring in regularly just to check the world in my absence - funnily enough it never has yet. The best plaudit I can give you is I think that I, and those around me at home and work are happier for me having worked with Enabling Development."
Finance Director - public sector
"As financial controller and more recently FD, I had spent my time concentrating on the technical aspects of the role. Whilst that was fine previously, I found I was working harder and harder. Through coaching, I've appreciated the importance of working with others and becoming influential through who I am rather than my senior position in the organisation. The repeat 360 demonstrated that colleagues felt I was more 'user friendly' and overall this approach has made me far more relaxed and feeling in charge of my destiny
Finance Director - Utilities


"Focus on Who am I? What am I? Where am I going? Made me address the medium and long term."
Graduate - Financial Sector
"Brilliant - I was promoted because of it."
Graduate - Regional Electricity Company

Human Resources

"The main benefit was monthly reflective time ie the protected time alone to think about things that either we choose or neglect to think about. I am able to reflect where I am and where I'm going in my current role and future career focus - the challenge of thinking about self so that the area is thoroughly thought through."
HR Director - Public Sector
"The main benefit (of many) I've drawn from the process is 'to make the extraordinary the ordinary'. What I mean is that I'm much more flexible and will do things I would never have considered before the programme or would have found rational lies to avoid doing them."
Personnel Manager, Public Sector

Research and Development

"I have a fuller understanding of my own 'filters' and consequent behaviour resulting in an understanding of personal strengths and areas for future focus and development. I also have a fuller understanding of other people's filters. I use this new understanding when dealing with my customers, colleagues and my own manager at work. The result has been that I'm far more flexible and my interactions have been much more successful - we both achieve the results we're looking for."
Market Analyst - Computers
"Things I learned during the sessions will never be forgotten and have given me a new insight into many areas of human behaviour. These sessions were not always comfortable, but they took me out of my comfort zone on many occasions. One of the main things I learned was that if one sets one's sights and focuses on a particular goal it can be achieved."
Senior Agricultural Scientist

Project Management

"I was able to make substantial savings by dispensing with the (big name consultancy) team 3 months early. I would never have had the confidence to do this without our time together."
Project Director - major infrastructure - utilities
"I found the 360 degree feedback exercises round Enabling Mindsets of particular value and an excellent framework in which to both agree and design development areas and to measure success. I was particularly pleased with both the structure of our work, ie our planned programme of outcomes, and your skills in guiding us through that with a relaxed flexibility, enabling us to explore relevant avenues and back waters as our journey progressed."
Project Manager - manufacturing
"So much can be achieved from awareness, but it takes so much effort and practice to remain aware. My perceptions of what I can achieve have certainly been enhanced and the contentment of my life recognised. Now that I can face up to my fears and see how unfounded most of them are, my comfort zone will grow ever wider. For all this I remain ever thankful."
Senior Partner, UK top five solicitors