Inspiring leaders in a dynamic world
Nov 2015
Enjoyable workshop for CIPS Fellows Nov 2015 with the cream of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply. Important considerations both professional and personal about our approach as leaders elegantly expressed in this article.   Contact us to find out...
Leader Development
Research shows coaching gets you promoted
Jan 2014
Interesting recent BPS paper which confirms our experience over the past decade anda half with many people moving up several levels in their organisation - be that a FTSE 10 company with four people promoted four levels within four years or the police service with numerous superintendents becoming chief officers and around twenty making their way to deputy or chief constables.  See the...
Executive Business Coaching
OUBS publish ED article
Apr 2013
An update of our article "Leaders Made or Born" has been published by the Open University Business School on their Business Perspectives Blog.  Why not have a read and comment?   There's more to explore on Business Perspectives around Leadership, Strategy, Innovation etc
Leader Development
About cookies
May 2012
We want you to make the most of your visit to our website.  So we use cookies to facilitate this.  You can find out more and read our policy on cookies on the privacy statement - page 2. By remaining on our website you agree to our use of cookies.
People - the problem with change!
May 2012
A key theme for Enabling Development is around helping make change successful whether personal, team or organisation.  Way back in 1995 this was one of the reasons for moving into executive coaching. At that time Forbes magazine reported that the majority (80%+) of change initiatives failed .  A decade later they revised the figure to around 90%. So we were interested to read...
Successful Organisational Change
Video site launched
May 2012
We’ve launched our YouTube channel which has short introductions to our main services around executive coaching, strategy consultancy and high performing teams.  We also explore some of the benefits of coaching our clients have reported plus return on investment and SMEs. In the near future we will add Enabling Development video blogs designed to offer you coaching tips and observations on...
Using Social Media Professionally
Mar 2012
Don’t make the mistake of thinking Social media is just for socialising. Used properly, it will outline your personal brand, establish your expertise, or demonstrate your digital fluency. Commit to using social media for professional reasons and be proactive about managing your activity and image. Consider what potential employers or colleagues will see—you don't want them to discover only...
Looking differently at situations
Nov 2011
On Fast Company an intriguing view of the world through "Glowing Maps" of human activity.  A fascinating plot of human activity on a global scale with implications for self and organisation. This made me think about ways in which we view situations, contexts, issues etc and how often it is through the same lens and thus not really creative or value adding in a way which moves things forward...
Creativity and Innovation
Leaders = People Developers
Oct 2011
Tom Peters suggests that all leaders are developers of people. It's implicit in takling the job. If they don't like that - then they should fire themselves..... How do you view promotion - at any stage - junior, middle, senior man-agers are also leaders?   Do they have the blend between the two balanced? How do you see your role as a persons who also helps others thrive - or does...
Leader Development
The power of love in business
May 2011
Interesting presenters at the York St John Business School lecture yesterday. Kersten England - CEO of City of York Council on 'Pride and Passion - local government in its element'- best soundbite -" In 1992 there were more people named John in parliament than women and in 2010 more Daves than women" How, as an executive officer, can you create an organisation which really engages and flourishes...
Leader Development