Leaders = People Developers

Tom Peters suggests that all leaders are developers of people. It's implicit in takling the job. If they don't like that - then they should fire themselves.....

  • How do you view promotion - at any stage - junior, middle, senior man-agers are also leaders?  
  • Do they have the blend between the two balanced?
  • How do you see your role as a persons who also helps others thrive - or does competition get in the way?

Over the years we've come across a number of people - and heard about even more - who have the title but don't yet live the role expected and articulated by Tom.  Much of the time the reason they are stuck is their own history and corporate culture placed more firmly in the administration/transactional management aspects of their role rather than the transformational leadership/developmental growth.

We view this developmental role as one of the ways leaders create value and it can mean huge differences in performance for individuals, teams and organisations as our work at BT, Marshalls and the Police Service has demonstrated.

Reflect on this - how much of a people developer are you?   Which of your people would benefit from being more effective?  Now think about how we might be able to assist.