Looking differently at situations

On Fast Company an intriguing view of the world through "Glowing Maps" of human activity.  A fascinating plot of human activity on a global scale with implications for self and organisation.

This made me think about ways in which we view situations, contexts, issues etc and how often it is through the same lens and thus not really creative or value adding in a way which moves things forward.  And when we stay still and others move forward then we don't benefit and hopefully may catch up later - if it is not too late.   So big coaching questions for this blog:

  • How might you view things in a different way to shed light, generate insight on something you want to change?  
  • What two things would help you develop new approaches to the way you / your team / your organisation operates?

I think this link is another example of synchronicity.  It has been an innovative day taking part in a Business Creativity workshop led by our colleague Jo North as part of the annual York Business Week where delegates worked on an issue important for their organisation.  Participant feedback was around the really practical benefit to develop their businesses through breakthrough thinking and create more value.   

So consider what else you might now want to do in your context