The power of love in business

Interesting presenters at the York St John Business School lecture yesterday.

Kersten England - CEO of City of York Council on 'Pride and Passion - local government in its element'
- best soundbite -" In 1992 there were more people named John in parliament than women and in 2010 more Daves than women"

How, as an executive officer, can you create an organisation which really engages and flourishes in interesting and challenging times?

Roger Steare - Corporate philosopher and visiting professor at Cass Business School on 'The Power of Love in Business' -
- best soundbite -  "when you assess big organisations against the WHO criteria for psychopaths they tick every box".  I had a look at the criteria - politicians also match the criteria - but I guess we knew that anyway!

Also a rather impressive video - Minature Earth which makes the stats around the planet meaningful by looking at them out of total of 100 - definately worth a watch.

So what?

From Enabling Development's perspective- some key thoughts about leadership.  How do you not only produce the RoI, yet also move to the stage beyond emotional intelligence?

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