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Being a leader can be lonely. Who do you talk with about some of the issues that you face? How many of these challenges resonate?

How do you recognise truly effective leaders?  If leadership is so important, why are effective business leaders so rare?  Why do people so often separate the act of leadership from the leader?


Many organisations do reasonably well in defining the “Where do we want to go”. Sometimes they pay sufficient attention to the “Where are we now?” yet it is often when it comes to the “How do we get there”, that they fall down. We explore some of the ways for you to get things right

More information about how our individually designed personal development programmes deliver effective change and success. Plus, some of the potential contexts and thoughts about how together we might structure your programme.

When we identify our strengths and values and use them as a basis for the way we operate – enhanced performance and success follows. This article helps you to increase your self-knowledge and put your insights into practice.


Some questions to help you determine the commercial impact and specific outcomes you want from any of our processes.

Have you wondered why some people are successful both socially and professionally? Have you concluded they are simply lucky or perhaps gifted? Well it is probably neither. Successful people learn, either by accident or design, to convert fear into power, lethargy into energy and problems into positive thoughts.

Our environment is changing more rapidly than ever before. In the knowledge economy how do we build a learning organisation which creates sustainable growth? Fiction, fad or fact? If you think it’s all IT you’ve missed the point - this is about leadership and people.

Organisations need to define a pool of talented people from which they can identify candidates for leadership positions.  In this article we explore both Succession Planning that identifies an individual for a specific job, together with the practical Succession management, that focuses on creating and stocking pools of candidates with high leadership potential.


When we think about people working together there is a continuum across three domains

Collection of disparate individuals - Groups – Teams

In terms of the organisational performance from these domains all the research points to high performing teams as the most successful.  So what is it about effective team building that creates the difference that makes the difference?  How can you ensure your leadership team development delivers that extra zing and buzz which comes from a real team which is firing on all cylinders, perfectly tuned?

Contains key strategic questions for individuals and organisations to become even more effective.


When Enabling Development started corporate executive coaching in the mid 1990s we were one of the few UK executive coaching companies.  Our process has been refined and enhanced over this time and our decades of coaching experience means we have helped hundreds of clients create significant, substantial and sustainable value with major bottom line returns on investment.

This article contains more about our approach to executive leadership coaching and our no win, no fee guarantee.

Exploring areas such as: why use coaching as a development option? How to measure success and make the most of the process.

Our definition of coaching and how it differs from counselling, mentoring and skills training.


Given that for most organisations’ change works as expected a mere 10% of the time, we give you the nine key steps to successful change.