What We Do

More than 90% of all business success is based on the way people deal with people and yet, today, most organisations still doggedly plough large amounts of education and development investment into improving skills, processes and tools.  It’s time to stop and think…

With our corporate executive coaching we help leaders and teams to be more effective.  What would that be worth to you and your business?

"EDL coaching delivered a quantum shift – for me and my colleagues."
Vice President & General Manager, BT Global Health

Emphasising and expanding the role and function of the individual within the whole, our business development strategy approach is built upon our philosophy that our work with you is sustainable and self financing – calling it 'no win, no fee', we include a clause to waive all or part of our fee within our contract with you if we do not meet our agreed outcomes.

"I can only describe it as a ‘fundamental process’ that changed the way I go about things."
ACC, West Midlands Police

Our role is to support, challenge and enable you, your team and organisation to develop your full potential.  Through 1:1 and workshopped personal development courses and business change management we will help you increase efficiency, influence and satisfaction - generating far reaching benefits for you and your bottom line.  

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