Built In Return On Investment

Working with and for you; bringing you benefits that pay for themselves.

Our many years’ combined experience and ability to work with our clients to produce and sustain real change and spectacular bottom line results means we mean it when we say our fees are self-financing.

Our dedication for creating bottom line benefit for you enables us to include within our contract a clause to waive all or part of our fee if we do not meet our agreed outcomes – that’s how confident we are in our coaching results.

But don’t forget, we’re in this together.  Personal improvement and development can, and often does, mean taking the more difficult path; looking a little deeper into the mirror and not always being comfortable with what we see.  We’ll hold everyone directly involved in the coaching to account for their participation.  It may not always be easy, but the rewards are undeniable.

Our results speak for themselves, talk to us about how we can help you.

"ROI from coaching is £2 to £3 million, not counting any wider staff costs saved."
Programme Director, BT Global Services
"Biggest benefit was the ROI. Year 1 savings almost £3 million, £400,000 from coaching. Long run savings over £5.5 million."
BT Operate