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You may think some things are impossible… We’ll help you change your mind.

Enabling leaders and teams to be more effective through personal development, strategic planning, commitment and accountability, you’ll discover the sustainable success you’re looking for and generate far-reaching benefits across the board. What could that be worth to you and your business?

More than 90% of all business success is based on the way people deal with people and yet, even today, most organisations still doggedly plough large amounts of investment into improving skills, processes and tools. In a fundamentally changed world, “best practice” isn’t enough. People will need to embrace and adopt “next practices” to be successful. It’s time to stop, think and harmonise the head, heart and soul of organisations.

Our role is to support, challenge and enable you, your team and organisation to develop your full potential. Emphasizing and expanding the role and function of the individual within the whole, we help you achieve substantial, significant and sustainable value-adding results in more effective, efficient and equitable ways.

Delivering the kind of goals you may have thought out of reach, as acknowledged leaders in the design, development and provision of corporate executive coaching, strategic consulting, executive team-building programmes and organisational change management, we have significant first-hand experience of how to boost performance at personal, corporate, divisional directorate and business unit level.

Some of our satisfied clients

Tools, software and systems don’t make deals, think differently, create opportunities or make leaps of faith – people do.

A partnership of equals, together we’ll link your business and corporate level development strategy to your functional operation and that of your key individuals and teams; making an appreciable gain for your bottom line – however measured. And that’s important. We believe our work with you should and will be self-financing at the very least.

Forging long-term partnerships in both public and private sectors, our diverse range of clients includes Chief Constables, multi-national corporate executives and teams of entrepreneurs and forward-thinking smes.

With us, you can expect highly focussed expertise and bespoke interventions to develop and support you in increasingly brain-based enterprises, including the fast-moving “new world” of digital.

We enable you to take greater responsibility and control by:

  • Maximising your potential
  • Developing your skills
  • Improving your performance
  • And, importantly, becoming the person you want to be

Ultimately, we’re here to enable you to become even more flexible, to deliver worthwhile and meaningful benefits for yourself, your team and the wider organisation.

About Us

Founded in 1996 by Steve Gorton, Enabling Development and its team bring a wealth of benefits, insight, practical expertise and unquestionable return on investment by developing the ‘lifeblood’ of businesses – that’s you and everyone who works with you.

Associated companies
Corporate Executive Coaching

Corporate Executive Coaching

What if the world was your oyster?
What would you do?

For many it would certainly include increasing personal efficiency, satisfaction and effectiveness combined with enabling those around you to achieve the results you want. But to achieve this means developing far greater self-awareness: understanding how you see yourself and how others see you.

Offering profound effects on personal and business life, executive business coaching is based around building up a rapport with you and creating space for non-judgemental self-reflection, curiosity and ideas supported by an expert. Allowing you to become a far more powerful and enabling presence, ultimately unlocking your true potential.

Through our highly tailored executive leadership coaching our aim is your personal development, structured for you, your industry and unique environment.

Creating a better balance within your life, preparing you to enjoy more.

Download more about our coaching approach.

Coaching delivered a quantum shift – for me and my colleagues. Vice President & General Manager, BT Global Health
What I learnt was life changing and permanent Chief Constable - Wales
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Confidential Strategic Counsel

In a rapidly changing world how do you shape your future? How do you formulate your vision, create the right strategy and really make it stick?

To fully invest in your long-term interests you need to play with ideas, be creative and test your thinking with the experts. Part of our business strategy consulting, Confidential Strategic Counsel is a discreet sounding board for executive and senior managers to explore their ideas and clarify approaches ahead of sharing with colleagues.

Since 1996, edl Founder Steve Gorton has facilitated mba strategy programmes with some of the UK’s major business schools. Thus, armed with a wealth of practical and cutting edge thinking across the conceptual and operational strategic planning process we can help you crystallize and articulate your vision.

Creating effective holistic strategies which take account of the whole system in which your organisation operates, our flexible Horizon Planning methodology has made real differences for ftse 100 companies, as well as national and public sector organisations.

Explore how we can help with your challenges

Liberating, insightful and helpful Chief Constable - England
Probably the single most valuable 2 hours I’ve spent in my business life EMEA Strategy and Planning Manager, 3M
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Confidential Strategic Counsel
Business Leader Development

Leader Development

Raising your game... Leaders lead by virtue of who they are.

For leaders to be more effective they need to fully understand themselves and how others perceive them, combining that self-knowledge with vision and courage.

Delivered primarily through 1:1 executive leadership coaching and targeted workshops, we work with some of the world’s most prominent researchers in the field of leadership. Bringing you the benefit of the latest thinking and leading edge tools and techniques, we’ll work together putting new ideas, styles and ways of working into practice over a period of time. Making change for the better and making it stick with spectacular and measurable personal and business benefits.

By identifying a range of key outcomes, with at least one having a bottom line effect, progress is measured by:

  • Specific coaching outcomes
  • Weekly self-assessment
  • Informal feedback from colleagues and wider stakeholders
  • Transformal leadership criteria assessment

Inspiring leaders are probably the key success factor in any organisation. How well are you developing yours?

Has provided me with an all round balance in my life which makes me more productive at work and more appreciative of the time with my familyCIO, Dentsu Aegis
A fundamental process’ that changed the way I go about things. Chief Officer, West Midlands Police
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Effective Team Building and Development

Motivated, inspired and focussed. Delivering personal development and improved performance for increased bottom line impact, we achieve real clarity for executive teams.

With experience gained at corporate, divisional directorate and business unit level our highly effective leadership team development begins with a basic strategic approach of:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How are we going to get there?

By developing strategic direction and drivers for sustainable success we unlock truly effective management team building, translating into terrific results for your organisation.

Forming a team to study a particular problem we saved more than 15m Euro Assistant Commissioner, An Garda Siochana
Following a restructure, our directorate created its new business plan in a third the time of others and it was approved first time. Divisional Director, BT Global Services
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Effective Team Building and Development
Successful Organisational Change

Successful Organisational Change

Do what you've always done and you'll get what you've always got.

Change is vital for success, so why, when most organisations have a strategy, the people and the skills, does change only work 10% of the time?

Implementing change can be difficult because organisations are composed of people, with different perspectives, incentives and motivations. Often referred to as the “soft” side of delivery, it is invariably the hardest. In our experience, those that do not obsessively consider people before and during each stage of change are likely to fail.

Fully aware that no-one knows your business better than you do, our role is to help you ask and answer the key questions to enable you and your team to plan, roll out and embed sustainable and successful change.

Through our highly effective change management support, we’ll take account of the specific environment in which you and your organisation operate, tailoring interventions which consider the whole system. Creating the right climate, attitude and approach our change management process also incorporates leading edge and fast change methodologies that result in impressive bottom line impact sooner than you may expect!

Download some of our thoughts on change

You have the ability to get under peoples’ skin to change their behaviour for the good of the company Operations Director, Marshalls plc
You’ve helped us be successful with a number of change programmes and deliver bottom line benefit Board Director, United Utilities
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Each of our free benchmarking and assessment tools are available for download. Just click on the title which interests you and learn more about yourself.

Leveraging Knowledge


Benchmark where you are now and start to identify specific challenges facing your organisation.

Inspiration Leadership


The opportunity to assess your personal leadership effectiveness in a strategic context.

Effective Performance

Effective Team

How well are you dealing with the business issues that face you as a team and organisation?

Leveraging Knowledge


Are you a whole-brain leader or half-brained manager? Find out more about your thinking and operating preferences.